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criminal lawyers near me

In Southern Maine, our lawyers near me are uniquely prepared to represent clients for any State or Federal charges involving crimes being alleged against them. In addition to our law firm founder, Super Lawyer and best criminal attorney John Webb, we have Vincent LoConte, Nicole Williamson, and Conor Todd at your service. All have been trained by Mr. Webb to aggressively assert all of your legal rights and raise all viable criminal defenses.

In our clients' cases, those facing criminal prosecution by the government's legal system want aggressive criminal defense lawyers. The criminal defense attorneys at Webb Law Maine have all participated in advanced training in the areas of standardized field sobriety tests, breath alcohol testing machines, laboratory blood analysis and pharmacokinetics. For other legal practitioners in Maine who lack high-level skills for confronting the State's breath or blood alcohol content tests, the chances of succeeding at trial are diminished.

When accused citizens hire their legal warrior at our law offices in York County and Cumberland County, our job is to find a solution that protects their ability to drive and not have a criminal record, wherever possible.

In some traffic cases our Maine attorneys will be attacking the legality of the motor vehicle traffic stop, or seeking exclusion of the alcohol breath test. Our traffic attorneys near me are adept at handling both routine motor vehicle crimes and serious felony accident cases.

Without question, knowing that this is an area of criminal law that our Maine criminal defense attorneys excel in defending should give our clients some solace that they have come to the right DUI defense lawyers.

A OUI conviction in Maine can require the installation of an OUI-DUI interlock on your car or truck, which will force you to blow into a breath alcohol test device before the vehicle will start.
If you need a criminal defense attorney, any of our legal advocates in Maine can serve as your attorney near me in the Pine Tree State. You can find our southern Maine law offices in Portland Maine and Saco, ME. So, from Augusta Maine and south of there, our legal warriors travel to the 9 southern Maine counties to defend clients.

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