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I have always felt that my husband was a very non-traditional male because of his involvement in housework, childcare etc, and the fact that he cares far more about how the house looks, and how tidy it is etc, than I do. It is gratifying to learn that his involvement in these things is actually quite 'traditional' after all!

by Louise C on 2006 May 2 - 05:21 | reply to this comment
to Hera
On May 1 you wrote
I think it's morally and even politically wrong for a non-submissive woman to submit to her husband... My own view is that God created us in his own image and some of us male and female, he made dominant or submissive and many in the middle who are neither and others who are gay and straight and we are lucky there is such variety. All we need is to match like with like and then relationships work well.
(I removed the part about your Catholic faith)
While I respect your views and what you wrote is clear, I disagree will just about all of it.

First, why is it wrong for a non-submissive woman to submit to her husband? Are there any passages in the Old or New Testaments which state or suggest that some women should submit and others should not ?

Second, if we are all "created in God's image" then why would some men be created dominant and others not ? Again, can you find any biblical reference to this difference in creation ?

Third, trying to "match like for like" sounds like some kind of divine dating service. Successful relationships result from the partner's efforts to love and support each other far more than from any dominant/submissive balance.

Finally, Louise mentioned in a later post that she sometimes feels submissive and other times does not. That seems normal to me. But how can this be if one is "made dominant or submissive" ?


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