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Commander Support Group



Colonel (U) Harmadi bin Hj Mamit joined RBAF on 29th May 1989 with the 78th Intake and commissioned as Cadet Officer upon passing out on 15th Dec 1989. He joined RBAirF as potential pilot in the Air Wing. He went to UK for Initial Officer Training (IOT) Course in 1990 and graduated with the 125th IOT Course at RAF Cranwell.  He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant when he came back to Brunei.

His flying career was prematurely halted by the RSAF after passing the Air Grading and changed to second career as Supply Officer. He went to UK in 1991 for 385 ISC (Initial Supply Officer Course) and successfully graduated as the first qualified RBAirF Supply Officer. The major task achieved during this tenure as supply officer was the success in setting up a completely new Supply Squadron.

He then goes back to the initial career as pilot in 1995 as offered to continue the prematurely halted flying training and subsequently joined the Basic Flying Course and the Rotary Wing Course both in the No 3 Sqn.  He completed these courses and earned the Wing in 1998. He was then posted to No 1 Sqn and fly the Bell 212 aircraft until 2004.

While in No 1 Sqn, he was holding the post of Flight Comd Ops and was also send to Singapore for QHI course in 2003 and graduated on Dec 2003.

He was seconded to His Majesty the Sultan's Flight on 27th Sept 2004. He was flying the Blackhawk as pilot and also primarily appointed as the Operations Manager of the HMSF. While in HMSF, he attended MTP and Captaincy Checks and proudly achieved Excellent grading. He was awarded self-authorization and left-hand seat captaincy in 2006.  His tour in HMSF ended and send to Malaysia Armed Forces for Joint Command and Staff 39/10 in 2010. Upon completion of JCSC, he was posted back to RBAirF as SO2 Trg on 22 Feb 2011.

On 17 March 2014, he was posted to a new wing (No 4 Wing) which was previously known as Supply Squadron as Commanding Officer. Then, in 28 April 2017, he took over the post of Commander Support Group.

He is married to Dyg Juhaida bte Alihasan and have four sons: Mirza Amani, Nabil Amani, Hazim Amani and Haris Amani. He likes to read books during spare time and also loves to do sport such as football, badminton and volleyball.  He used to be a good canoeist.