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No.1 Wing consists of 4 flying squadrons.  With each sqn has their own roles of operational requirements. All the squadrons are able to do border and marine patrol.


No.11 Sqn is the oldest sqn, with the retired Bell 212, replaced by the advanced Blackhawk S70i with a total of 12 aircrafts, the capabilities of the squadron has now achieve new heights of operation requirements. It is a medium lift helicopter capable of troop lift, underslung loads and close air to ground support.


No.12 Sqn flies the Bolkow BO105. A light observation/support helicopter. Has the capability and the only helicopter in the RBAirF that is able to launch rocket projectiles to ground targets, thus providing close air to ground support for ground troops.

No.14 Sqn comprises of the S70A and S70I blackhawk. The role of the squadron is to train new aircrew as well as supporting the other squadrons in operational tasks. The sqn consists of the first 4 blackhawk the RBAirF has received.


No.15 Sqn is the medium lift fixed wing propellered aircraft. Able to fly long distances to provide military aid to foreign countries, operational taskings example cargo or parachuting troops as well as marine and border patrols.