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No.4 Wing is directly responsible to the Support Group Commander. Within the No.4 Wing Headquarters are the Domestic Supply Squadron, Supply Control & Accounting Flight and the Technical Supply Squadron.

The No.4 Wing or still preferred name Supply Headquarter has already has its CO post’s filled and hopefully a matter of time before the actual rank exists physically. The CO assumes the full responsibility that was once held by the OC Supply Squadron. Directly under him is the 2IC or Second In Command followed by the Admin Officer and the Supply Governance Cell which is currently headed by a Warrant Officer, equivalent to the Standards Cell post at No.5 Wing. The Admin Clerks, Wing Sgt Major and Supply Warrant Officer that follows are physically held by personnel serving the previous Supply Squadron.

Under the Domestic Supply Squadron or DSS, the existing Flight Commander has been upgraded to Officer Commanding and is assisted by the 2IC and Squadron Sergeant Major. A significant change to the squadron’s structure is noted by the addition of another Regimental Quartermaster’s or RQMS post, that will divide responsibilities for a better command and control.

The RQMS1 is responsible to the OC for the daily running of the Clothing Stores, Ammunitions Accounts, the Armskote, Miscellaneous Stores and the UET or Unit Equipment Table. Likewise the RQMS 2, he is to ensure the running of the Catering Flight and Rations Accounts, Accommodation and laundry and Armourer.

The TSS or Technical Supply Squadron, formerly known as Technical Supply Flight will also have its own Second in Command and assisted by the SSM. Under his squadron, the OC is responsible on the technical support for the Royal Brunei Air Force that housed its spares part in the Air Force Main Store and the the Forward Stores. The Mainstore is located in the No.4 Wing Main Buiding and The Forward Stores which are in existence are currently located in Hangar A, Hangar B and No.38 Squadron.

There are five main cells in the Supply Control and Accounting Flight (SCAF), the Control Accounting Cell (CAC), Supply Accounting Cell (SAC), Supply Control Cell (SCC), Receipt and Despatch (R&D) and the Bulk Fuel Installation Account.