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There are various subdivisions under No. 5 Wing, the Maintenance Wing for the Royal Brunei Air Force. Its main role is to ensure that all operational and training requirements are properly attended to, in addition to meeting maintenance deadlines and handling aircraft maintenance related matters with great meticulousness.

The Engineering squadrons: 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 Squadron, are directly responsible for the maintenance of their own aircraft fleet namely: S70i Black Hawk, Bo-105, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, S70a Black Hawk, and CN235 respectively. This includes all aspects of the aircraft i.e. airframe, avionics, and engine.

The squadrons are further supported by the Engineering Support Flight, where GSE personnel are responsible for the provision of all the essential equipment required to carry out maintenance tasks, FLM personnel are responsible for the movement of the aircraft on the hangar floor or out at the apron, and SES personnel are responsible for all the maintenance and provision of all survival equipment within the aircraft. TEMD is the civilian division within No. 5 Wing that also aids in major maintenance and inspection of aircraft.  

Engineering Standard Cell provides all the reference documentation that all squadrons and departments within No. 5 Wing should adhere to, whilst MPRM forecasts all maintenance activities and resources. EC & P, on the other hand, ensures that all maintenance activities are properly documented and updated accordingly.

The entire Wing is overlooked by the Commanding Officer, who is further assisted by the Second in Command, a Senior Engineering Officer, and an Officer Commanding of Engineering Support Flight.